Apple is actively pushing to launch a search engine to rival Google.

Apple is pushing to launch a search engine to rival Google, according to a report from The New York Times. The search engine, code-named Titan, would be built on Apple's new operating system macOS and would allow users to search for information through Siri and the company's other products. It is unclear when or if Titan will launch, but it is likely that it will compete with Google searches on iOS and MacOS devices.

Apple is actively pushing to launch a search engine to rival Google.

Apple is actively pushing to launch a search engine to rival Google.

 Apple is developing Google's online-based platform that will compete with Google with broader improvements to Spotlight search, according to a recently published report by The Information.

The report states that Apple's technology for search is experiencing setbacks as a result of a decline in the talent available to Google. In the year 2018, Apple tried to boost the creation of its own search engine by purchasing machine-learning startup Laserlike, which was created in the early 2000s by three previous Google Search engineers. Laserlike's technology recommends websites based on the user's interests and browsing habits. Laserlike's founders have been reported to have returned to Google.

The Apple search team is believed to comprise around 200 employees. It is the source of technologies used to create Spotlight, Siri Suggestions, and Answers provided by Siri. The team is at a minimum of four years from launching a complete replacement for Google search, according to a source who is part of the team, according to The Information. Although Google costs Apple approximately $15 billion annually to keep its position at the top of the search results for Apple phones, Apple developing an in-house competitor to Google search may boost its power during the ongoing discussions with Google regarding the deal.

In the meantime, Apple has apparently discussed the use of the technology it created to power search in Apple Music as well as Apple Music and the App Store. Apple is currently using this search technology to produce information for Apple teams that are developing applications that utilize natural processing of language, such as the Translate app, and also to make use of tweets to identify important events to appear in the results and also to recommend Apple News stories however it could be more widely used in the near future. The major priority of the search team is the improvement of Spotlight to make it able to be able to handle "100 times more" queries than it can today.

The concept for the possibility of an Apple Search Engine has been discussed since at least the year 2015, at which point Apple first revealed it was an Applebot and released the first of a number of search-related job advertisements, and reports of the possible launch of the service are surfacing periodically.

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